• People think that there are only two types of financing: Traditional and Equity.
  • In fact, companies also have access to:
    Asset Based Financing;
    Cash Flow Financing;
    Financing based on Operations.
  • We fill in the inefficiency gap in funding. We use, among others, the various types of financing available to businesses, bringing:
    • Maximization of the amount of funding and/or;
    • Reduction of the cost of funding and/or;
    • Improvement of financial flexibility.

Success stories

Our client, a service company, increased their sales from $5M to $50M over five years. The growth resulted in higher AR and AP, and their leverage was outside standard banking range. Therefore, their credit facilities had not increased in the last two years.

By using non-conventional financing, which was not limited by the leverage ratio, the company was able to more than double the size of their credit facility.