• A successful investment goes beyond the capacity of writing a check to support the company.
  • With over 10 years of institutional investment experience, we find that investment is like finding an oasis in the desert.
  • Our role is to join our clients in the journey and increase the likelihood of success by identifying where the oasis is, creating a map, along with tools and resources to making sure there is enough water for them to get there.
  • We offer a vast network of partnerships that help us identify the right investors, including Quebec institutional investors, family offices, as well as outside of Quebec investors.
  • At the end of the journey, bringing the right people with the right resources is the key to a long-term investment success.

Success stories

Our client, Extenway Solutions, is serving the healthcare industry and provides a high‑end bedside terminal with digital television, internet and a variety of medical features.

Extenway Solutions was facing a very strong demand for their products and needed equity support to carry their strong pipeline into sales.

We found investors, for a total of $3M, for Extenway Solutions in a convertible debenture and were even featured in La Presse: